Michael P. Bourque


  • Creative Problem Solving and Solutions Design

  • User Interface and Usability UX

  • Software Architecture and Development

  • Industrial Design and CAD

  • Product Manufacturing and Engineering

  • Leadership and Mentoring

  • Public Speaking

  • Brand Evangelism

  • 3D Modeling and 3D Printing

  • Agile Scrum Methodology

  • Team Building and Recruiting

  • Quality Driven Product Focus

  • Excellent Salesmanship

  • Startups to Large Companies

CK Inc.

2014 - 2018

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CK Inc. is a technology company that simplifies and improves customer experience for herbal vaporization by offering the world’s first single-use pod and vaporizer system. The WISP launched in April 2018.

Co-founder, Inventor, President, and Chief Innovation Officer

FEBRUARY 2014 - JUNE 2018


As the inventor of the Wisp system and founder of the company, I created and brought to market the driving technology and initial business of the company.​

  • Conception, schematics, and prototype-building of all of the company's current products including the Wisp and the PodMatic pod-filling system.

  • Patent writing and filing of current and future products.

  • Invention of new, add-on products to be brought to market in the future.

  • Fundraising through Series A and B rounds to $7.5M.

  • Recruitment of the entire leadership team and much of the support staff and board of advisors.

  • Procuring and setting up office space, the original company website, and building and running on-site Engineering and New Product Innovation Laboratories.

  • Driving initial sales and development, including forming partnerships with American and international vendors and retailers.

  • Evangelizing brand to the media including in The Boston Globe, Forbes, Business Insider,  Tech Insider, EnGadget, and on Chronicle, The Frankie Boyer Show, The Jay Thomas Show.

  • Speaking about product innovation at various industry conferences.

  • Lobbying politicians for industry advancement including the governors and senators of MA, NY, CT ME, CO, and IL as well as speaking with various local boards.


1999 - 2014


PTC is a global software company that delivers a technology platform and solutions to help companies design, manufacture, operate, and service things for a smart, connected world. 


Over a period of 14 years, I worked as manager of quality assurance, product definition, director of two product development groups, and finally vice president of PTC University where I managed global teams in India, Israel, China, the UK, and the US.

Vice President of PTC University
APRIL 2010 - FEBRUARY 2014


I built a team of product development professionals from 2 developers into a 50+ global team devoted to innovating products in the professional services division called PTC University. During this time, PTC University grew from 18M to 60M in revenue for the company. Highlights include:

  • Designed, developed, and deployed a new, high-profile Learning Management System to sell with PTC's learning portfolio.

  • Brought Agile Scrum practices to PTC, teaching classes and workshops to developers.

  • Invented LearningConnector, a technology allowing e-Learning content to be integrated within PTC's CAD system and other products, bringing a host of new business and opportunity for the company. It was recognized as a winner in a 2011 competition on learning technology.

  • Created a number of homegrown tools to aid in the development of PTC's products, including Requirements Management, Estimation and Estimation Poker tool, and Build Radiators.

  • Built a first-of-its-kind Innovation Lab where developers could experiment and play with ideas until a gem is found. Many new products and innovations were born this way.

  • Managed a team of UX designers and front-end developers.

  • Instituted a “Spark Tank Idea Forum” to improve PTC products with ideas submitted by employees.

  • Implemented a new staffing and talent scouting model.

  • Created a marketplace to offer free tutorials for PTC products, called “Learning Exchange,” which became the biggest demand generator in the company.

  • Created a new authoring and publications system from Arbortext to write training materials in XML.

  • Conducted web-based load testing on high availability servers.

Director of Product Development

OCTOBER 2006 - APRIL 2010

Managing a team of 10 people, led the design and development and wrote many of the software specifications for the Pro/ENGINEER suite of products known as WILDFIRE, including core modeling through manufacturing and managing and developing the company’s own requirements management tool. Worked with marketing and customers to understand needs and implement enhancements from concept to development and deployment. Responsibilities included:

  • Conducting  Cross Functional Team meetings and collaborating with developers worldwide.

  • Answering technical questions from development and technical support.

  • Leading technical discussions on future product development including Solution Design.

  • Creating presentations and holding product updates and training including creating tutorials and online documentation.

  • Designing User Interface and mockups with UX labs and performing QA unit testing.

  • Writing technical articles for newsletters and authoring help and user-guide manuals.

  • Providing estimates on product cost and delivery.

  • Holding customer meetings at PTC/USER events and conferences.


Director of Integration

JULY 2005 - OCTOBER  2006

Managing a small development team in India working in the Program Office to improve development activities for the company. Highlights included:

  • Developed PTC’s main requirement management tool called ProjDB (written in PERL).

  • Took ownership of and redeployed the hardware certifications program. This meant keeping tabs on vendors including IBM, Dell, and Sun, and certifying that PTC’s products run on their hardware.

  • Wrote and maintained a home-grown tool called "Tutorial Builder" which was an easy way to create a  professional-looking, web-based tutorial for PTC’s products. Tutorial Builder was adopted by the whole company which led to my next promotion.

  • Assisted in driving a company-wide certification on CMMI.


Product Definition Engineer

OCTOBER 2000 - JULY 2005

Created and wrote software design specifications for the Pro/ENGINEER suite of products, and worked with marketing and customers to understand needs and implement enhancements from concept to development and deployment. Managed all aspects of development including:

  • Collaborating with worldwide development teams.

  • User interface design and mockups.

  • Performing quality assurance unit testing.

  • Creating tutorials and online documentation.

  • Answering technical questions from development and technical support.

  • Writing technical articles for newsletters and user-guide manuals.

Group Leader and Manager of Quality Assurance


I was responsible for leading a team of 10 software software engineers devoted to developing and testing PTC’s flagship product, Pro/Engineer.

  • Project management and tracking including risk assessment.

  • Leading Cross Functional Team meetings.

  • Forecasting and rating quality based on the convergence of statistical data.

  • Assisting with software design, specifications, and development.

  • Writing technical software specifications and testing plans.

  • Performing project level testing.

  • Creating and supporting automated regression tests.

  • Developing simulated customer tests and running in-house production (beta) testing.

  • Implementing Pro/ENGINEER at customer sites.

  • Serving as the Intranet Webmaster and providing systems administration support for Windows NT.

  • Computer hardware procurement.

  • Trained developers on how to use the product.

M.I.T. Lincoln Lab

1988 - 1999


M.I.T. Lincoln Laboratory is a state-of-the-art R&D facility with a focus on building operational prototypes and developing a broad array of advanced technologies to meet national security needs. It ranks among the top in science and innovation and is the birthplace of the CNC machine tool.

Manufacturing Engineer



I was promoted through the ranks over 11 years starting as a skilled CNC machinist to becoming the top programmer within the aerospace & defense division of MIT. I became known for my passion for precision and advancing the state of the art, and was given a several-million-dollar budget to upgrade the lab’s computer and robotics equipment, including its Computer-Aided Design (CAD) system. This drove me to understand everything from the inside out and advanced my career and passion towards innovation, technology, and execution.

  • Implemented Pro/ENGINEER into the Group Lab.

  • Served as CAD/CAM Systems Administrator running Windows NT servers and workstations.

  • Implemented a "Faster, Cheaper, Better" policy (a no scrap, get it right the first time initiative).

  • Capital equipment research and procurement on 3M budget.

  • Created Manufacturing and Design models for manufacturing using Pro/E and Pro/PROCESS for MFG.

  • Reviewed designs for manufacturing.

  • Supervised programming operations and provided in-house training.

  • Developed inspection procedures for manufacturing and product integrity.

  • Developed and documented fabrication procedures and created numerical control lathe and mill programs for complex mechanical parts and assemblies using PRO/NC, Cadra, and Cadra-NC APT, including mechanical design and drafting, solid modeling, 3-D analytic modeling, and database abstraction systems.

  • Developed unique programs and solutions software applications in Visual C++ and/or Visual Basic.

  • Implemented NC toolpath verification software (VERICUT) for use in conjunction with Cadra and Cadra-NC.

  • Custom-built workstations and servers, as well as PC's and maintained computer hardware and peripherals.

  • Built and maintained redundant RAID servers group MIS.

  • Installed and implemented DNC shop floor network (drip feed) for machine tools.

  • Created automatic route sheet applications for automatic online shop floor tool kits.

  • Created custom post processors for all machine tools including 5-axis machining centers using ICAM CAM/POST and Cadra Custom Post.

  • Implemented machine tool probe for unmanned CNC applications.

  • Developed and maintained the group's intranet website and information server.

Specialist and Class-A CNC Machinist
MAY 1988 - JANUARY 1993

  • Programmed and manufactured parts that were produced on time and of superior quality.

  • Employed different welding techniques to assemble parts and components including reading applicable mechanical design blueprints and solving integrity/reliability issues for static & rotating equipment.

  • Selected and maintained equipment, including calibrating machines.

  • Took initiative by learning programming from M.I.T. engineers before and after work, which led to the rest of my career.

Machine Shops

1984 - 1988

Machine skills include 5-axis milling, 4-axis turning, CNC operation and programming, welding and dip brazing, assembly, manufacturing process planning, inspection, grinding, tool and die making, stamping and punch press, engraving, prototyping, 3D printing, electrical discharge machining, blueprints, set up and operation, training others, as well as all other machine shop operations. Worked at the following companies:

  • Ariston Engraving and Machining, Woburn, MA

  • Precision Machine Tool, Woburn, MA

  • Northeast Manufacturing, Stoneham, MA

  • Barile Die Corporation, North Andover (now Haverhill), MA

  • Peter Forg Manufacturing and Tool and Die, Somerville, MA

Software skills

  • Pro/E / Pro/Engineer / Wildfire / CREO 

  • Cura, Vericut, NCPost

  • LAMP Stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

  • Adobe Photoshop Suite

  • C, PHP, and Frameworks such as Lavavel

  • Javascript, JQuery

  • Microsoft Office Suite

  • Google Docs Suite, Google Analytics

  • Balsamiq Mockups

  • IoT

Volunteer efforts

keynote_nephp_2012_square copy.png

Northeast PHP is a yearly international conference on Web Technology and User Experience (PHP + UX). Each year It brings over 30 speakers and 400 attendees worldwide. First launched in 2011 as an experiment, it was voted best event of the year by Microsoft. Since it's inception there has been a big demand and following since launching 2016 in Prince Edward Island Canada. As president and co-founder I found business partners, created business plans, drove interest, curated a launch team, raised capital, pulled favors, curated topics, ordered food, and launched.

Boston PHP is the largest and most active PHP tech community in the world. I ran meetings, drove a new charter which resulted in growth to over 3,200 members. I managed curated all the topics and found expert speakers from industry. Drove partnerships with Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. My focus was on a wide range of topics from Design, UX, & PHP where I taught classes and gave lectures and I am proud it has become a huge success and is still meeting today.