Michael is the inventor of the WISP™ system and, as Chief Innovation Officer, is responsible for future innovation at CK Inc.


Michael is an insatiable inventor who balances creative ideation with critical analysis, modeling and testing his innovations until they exceed his expectations in terms of performance and usability. Before founding CannaKorp Michael served in various capacities at PTC, a $1.3 billion global software company. Over a period of 14 years, he worked as manager of quality assurance, product definition, director of two product development groups, and finally vice president of PTC University where he managed global teams in India, Israel, China, the UK, and the US.

Prior to PTC, Michael was a machinist and computer robotics programmer for 12 years at MIT’s famed Lincoln Laboratory. In addition, Michael leads several technical conferences, bringing industry enthusiasts together to educate and share ideas surrounding thinking differently for innovation and to improve the user experience. A husband and father of three, Michael is a skilled and avid musician, songwriter, filmmaker, and cook.